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I call it my second innings; second innings of life. The first innings lasted till 14th March 2009, the day I wrote my last paper in the College End Semester Exam. From 1st April 2009, I joined work and thus started my second innings. The days inbetween? Drinks Break 🙂

It was a curious feeling, the feeling of being gainfully employed. I belong to that group of students world wide who have been directly hit by the on going global recession. I passed out this year, which is charaterized by job losses, salary cuts and downsizing every where. Our campus recruitments were unlike the previous records of 100 percent. I happen to be one of the lucky few to have bagged a job in the process.

My initial reaction was that of a relief. I have already been rejected in the first round of recruitment process twice and was awaiting results for the third one. The firm which decided that I was good enough for them was the first face-to-face interview for me. It went on for some 40 odd minutes, with questions ranging from super technical to current affairs to HR types.

After an agony-filled 45 minutes, they released the names – some 4 for all their offices. I immediately called up my parents. My dad simply shouted with joy. May be it was more for them, that I felt so happy. I told myself  “I have not failed them”.

Though I was placed among the top in my class, I did not bag the job with the best pay package. But I got what I primarily wanted – a job in my city. I had interned in other cities and stayed alone there. I realised that managing a household all by myself would add to my work life stress. I badly wanted to stay at home and work. May be the feeling of homesickness prevailed over me.

I was immensely glad to think that I no more have to read the Economics Times from first word to the last, keep revising the same old text books and generally getting tensed about what my future holds for me.

Now two months into my job, when I look back at those days, I smile.

Then, I only cared about getting a job in my city, now I crib to myself how much my personal privacy have vanished because I stay with my parents. Its not that I am the sort of person who doesn’t enjoy living with her parents. I totally love the fact that my mom packs delicious lunch everyday and that when I return, I return to a place I can call home. I love the fact that I need not worry about my laundry, cleaning, cooking etc. But somewhere within me, I can’t let go of the free spirit developed during my five years of hostel stay. Its not that I want to booze or party, but I some times crave for some solitude for myself, to be able to make impromptu trips wherever and whenever I want.

Then, all I wanted was a job which pays decently and which will help me in furthering my career. Now, I have seen it all. Though I am thoroughly enjoying my work, I remember that I absolutely loved those days spent at college. May be my monthly allowance have increased manifold from a thousand rupees per month, but those days of laughter and care-free fun are lost. I have to deal with deadlines, client meetings, presentations, correctness of my opinion and so on and so forth. College submission deadlines and projects were nothing compared to the tension I go through everyday at work place.

Still,  I also look forward to the last day of the month. I check my bank account balance and get excited seeing the increasing amount. I end up indulging myself and my parents that day. I never knew that money holds such amazing power to make one smile 🙂

What I miss most of college? Friends, fun, adda sessions throughout the day, movie and series watching sessions at night, classes, exams, semester breaks, trips made with friends and the overall sense of freedom.


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